“We have been very happy with our new VT Range trays from Shonrei. They look smart and attractive and the versatility of the interchangeable trays allow us to re-arrange and change out trays to suit the stock level whenever we are changing displays for windows, new stock, sales etc. This means we can keep the trays looking full at all times with tray options for 1,3,5 or 7 rings. It also makes it easy to group certain rings or jewellery into ‘stories’.
The team at Shonrei were very helpful in helping us fit the tray system to our existing cabinet measurements where we had to integrate some ‘Aurora’ range trays in with the VT series to fill the required space, and sorting out various other special requirements.”

Justine Donaldson

Greymouth Showcase Jewellers

The display products from Shonrei are distinctive for their classy look and exceptional quality. The unique blend of functionality and aesthetics truly distinguishes them from the rest of the market! It’s evident that a lot of passion and expertise goes into crafting each product.

ANGUS&COOTE Greensborough

I think the main reason we go through Shonrei is there are not many options for displays out there that are within New Zealand and we find your product the best quality hence why we invested in the VT range.

I think they look great and improve our cabinets dramatically.

Their team is always very accommodating in making something to suit if we draw them a diagram of what we are after.

I think the VT system is definitely the best setup.

Kurt Jordan

STONZ Jewellers

You had what I was looking for in terms of clean easy to view Jewellery displays. I liked you were also local here in NZ, as we were pressed for delivery time too. I recently placed a packaging order top up. Great communication.

Kelsey Subritsky

Studio Seven Jewellery Design

We love the adaptability of the modular system. It allows for changes in our stock quantities, Jewellery types and categories of Jewellery on display. The tray modules are quick to put away at night, and quick to setup again.


Phil Peel Jewellers

We use the VT modular display system, and a huge advantage for me would be the variety of tray modules. We can change them around and swap them out for each other, which caters for our stock range. It fits all of our product well!


Knights The Jewellers

The display system offers a tidy and more uniform look. A unique feature is the different levels in height for displaying our Jewellery. The tray modules enable you to get stock in and out more readily.

Jewel Petone