Classic System

This is our traditional modular range, which has proven to be a robust, user-friendly system for years in retail stores. Tray modules can be placed on sloped counter supports and onto our magnetic wall bracket system. Our variety of tray modules enable users to display all types of jewellery and in the desired location.

  • Improved stock control – every item has a place 
  • Flexible stock placement – modules can be replaced easily for expanding or condensing stock
  • Refurbishable – Parts of  the system can be replaced for ongoing fresh appearance
  • Assists security – modules can be transferred to overnight storage quickly, without having to remove the jewellery from displays
  • Modular – Tray modules are uniform width, and locate easily onto notched ramp supports and/or magnetic wall brackets
MTS570/13 Display Ramp with 3x tray modules located on it
Chain tray modules located on MMW25S magnetic slatwall brackets
MMS207 Magnetic bracket for mounting tray modules at 20 or 70 degree angles
MMW14S Slatwall bracket for wall-mounting 200x240mm tray modules