The Shonrei Advantage


Shonrei has grown from a family business that has been involved in manufacturing for the jewellery and gems industry for over 70 years.  

We are now a global leader in customised modular display and shop fixture systems for the jewellery and gems industry, shipping our products worldwide. 

We can design to fit and fit to a design when it comes to jewellery display and this has allowed us to develop a unique range of display products. We have a vast range, all manufactured to the highest standard of quality. 

Why Shonrei Display Systems? 

  • Leading edge design - Gives your stock the best presentation possible and enhances your in-store experience. 

  • Customised to you and your brand - Our experienced, specialist design team can create the exact display that's right for your specific needs. 

  • Improved stock control - Every item has a place and is easily accounted for.

  • Easily interchangeable - Magnetic attachment to system accessories enable quick layout rearrangement.

  • Assists security - Tray modules provide quick transfer of stock to safe storage overnight.

  • Flexible stock levels - Can be arranged with either expanded or condensed stock concentration.

  • Refurbish-able - Parts of the system are easily replaced for ongoing fresh appearance.

    From Showcase displays to presentation packaging we have the experience and knowledge to create the complete solution for your retail display requirements.


Our Future

At Shonrei we continue to dedicate ourselves to produce effective displays that are well suited to the jewellery trade.  We are confident our range is unique, due to our customisable, high quality, interchangeable and compact designs. We believe we can maximise the display potential of any jewellery department.