The Aurora range is a user-friendly, versatile system consisting of tray modules at uniform width that can be placed on ramp supports or magnetic brackets for various angles of display. Aurora modules are 240mm (width) x 200mm (depth), allowing the support ramp to fit 3-deep inside most cabinetry. All tray modules can be mounted to wall displays using our magnetic wall brackets.

Every item has a place and is easily accounted for:
Leading edge design - Gives your stock the best presentation possible and enhances your in-store experience.
Improved stock control - Every item has a place and is easily accounted for.
Easily interchangeable - Magnetic attachment to system accessories enable quick layout rearrangement.
Assists security - Tray modules provide quick transfer of stock to safe storage overnight; increasing efficiency in daily positioning of your jewellery.
Flexible stock levels - Can be arranged with either expanded or condensed stock concentration.
Refurbish-able - Parts of the system are easily replaced for ongoing fresh appearance.
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